Welcome in the world of the historic computers.

(Alias Robotron-Computer, DDR-Computer)

This website is a virtual computer museum about the development of the computer technique in the GDR and documents the work of the former market leader Robotron and other companies.

It shall be a knowledge center for people, who spend their spare time with preservation and reconstruction of these old devices.

We want to motivate all interested people, to hold on this hobby and to prevent a die out of this historic computer technique and the appropriate knowledge. For GDR computer technique which is threatened by scrapping, we like trying to arrange a permanent museal accomodation.

This website is designed as an open community project.
People who want to help to improve the website are especially welcome.
We are neither a producer nor a dealer.

Because most of out visitors come from Germany, this website is only written in German language. Foreign visitors may use a general language translation service to read it, although the result will not be very good.

Please don't use the texts and pictures for internet auctions.

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